The break-neck speed of developments in 3D software such as Blender have opened up a world of seemingly endless possibilities in Computer Rendered Imaging (CGI). Both in still images, motion design and combined with film. Check out David Fincher who uses CGI to create streets and other backgrounds instead of over the top special effects. Or look at architects who are now able to show a new building as if its already finished. In general, CGI offers a lot of flexibility that traditional film or photography often lack.

So, with all this, we feel we are just scratching the surface of CGI. And yet, we have accomplished quite a lot already… Product renders of Philips televisions, as well as huge machine parts for our German friends at Romen. But also 3D animated bumpers for GAMMA, packaging for Rioba coffee and an Innocent smoothie bottle selecting suitable strawberries for Valentine’s Day (yes, you’ve read that correctly).

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